Central Office

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​​Palliser Primary Care Network Central Administration Office

Suite 104 - 140 Maple Ave SE
Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 8C1
​Phone and Fax: 403.580.3825​

Please note:

  • The Palliser Primary Care Network Central Administration Office does not provide health services.  We are unable to respond to specific clinical or medical questions.
  • Please see the contact information for our clinics and programs.
  • If this is a medical emergency, call 911. 
  • For health advice or information about health services in your area, call Health Link Alberta toll-free at 811​.

Central Office Staff

Cotten, Joanne 
Financial Clerk/Admin Assistant
(P) 403.580.3825 x 227
(F) 403.580.3825

Eresman, Gabrielle 
(P) 403.580.3825 x 230
(F) 403.580.3825

Frelick, Lori 
Practice Improvement Facilitator
(P) 403.580.3825 x 228
(F) 403.580.3825

Hall, Darren 
Evaluation Analyst
(P) 403.580.3825 x 225
(F) 403.580.3825

Haukeness, Michelle
Executive Assistant
(P) 403.580.3825 x 226
(F) 403.580.3825

Klassen, Treena
Executive Director
(P) 403.580.3825
(F) 403.580.3825

Poelzer, Jesse 

Practice Improvement Facilitator
(P) 403.580.3825 x 229
(F) 403.580.3825

Schneider, Ashleigh 
(P) 403.580.3825 x 221
(F) 403.580.3825

Skrove, Abbie
Patients' Medical Home Optimization Director
(P) 403.580.3825
(F) 403.580.3825

Wilks, Shea
Patients' Medical Home Optimization Manager
(P) 403.580.2746
(F) 403.580.3825